FSM extends emergency declaration to July 31

FSM seal (PNC file photo)

The FSM Government has extended its public health emergency declaration to July 31.

According to a release from the FSM Office of the President, the 21st Congress of the FSM adopted a resolution on Saturday, May 30 which amended the existing health declaration.

The new resolution includes the implementation of social distancing standards and measures across FSM states. It also calls for the development of a plan to repatriate its stranded citizens, and members of the diplomatic corps once quarantine and isolation facilities in the FSM meet standards.

“The Government is aware that the Nation’s citizens stranded abroad are keen to return. The Resolution calls for the National and State Task Forces to cooperate in developing a plan for the repatriation of citizens, students, residents, and members of the Diplomatic Corps once quarantine and isolation facilities meet “acceptable standards,'”‘ the release states.

With the enforcement of the repatriation plan, the FSM government said those who are returning to the FSM would have to go through COVID-19 testing prior to arrival, followed by another test upon arrival. A final test would be administered at the end of the returning resident’s mandatory quarantine period.

“President Panuelo, who has been meeting with the Nation’s Governors on a weekly basis through video-teleconferencing, will continue to discuss the repatriation of the FSM’s stranded citizens with an aim to bring those stranded home in the safest possible manner,” read a statement from the release.