FSM Health Secretary passes away

FSM Health and Social Affairs Secretary Livingston A. Taulung (From the Office of the FSM President)

FSM Health and Social Affairs Secretary Livingston A. Taulung passed away on Monday, Feb 15, according to information from the FSM Office of the President.

The FSM National Government recognized Taulung’s medical expertise, dedication, and commitment to public service and public health. The national government also credited him for his role in ensuring the FSM remains COVID-free. 

From the Office of the FSM President: 

“In his capacity as Secretary of Health, Livingston A. Taulung strived to ensure the Nation was protected from the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is not a coincidence that the date the FSM first formally became aware of the novel coronavirus — January 24th, 2020 — is the same date that Livingston A. Taulung became sworn in as Secretary. Informing President Panuelo all that he knew about the emerging situation was Livingston A. Taulung’s first action as Secretary, and building the Nation’s defenses against the virus became his top priority…”

He was born on April 3, 1957, in Tafunsak, Kosrae State, He attended the Community College of Micronesia’s School of Nursing in Saipan where, after graduating with an AS in Nursing in 1977, he later acquired two Bachelor of Science degrees at Eastern Oregon State College (now known as Eastern Oregon University), and a Diploma in Community Health, Surgery, & Medicine from the University of Hawaii’s School of Medicine.

Taulung spent his career dedicated to public service where he designed and implemented public health programs and activities. He served as Health Planner, Staff Physician, Chief of Staff, and Director of Kosrae State’s Department of Health, before serving as the FSM’s Secretary of Health.

FSM President David W. Panuelo has proclaimed an official period of mourning for Taulung. Here’s the proclamation signed by the FSM President”

Proclamation-The Late Honorable Livingston Taulung