FSM national government extends Chuuk travel ban

FSM president David Panuelo

The FSM National Government has granted Chuuk State’s request to extend its travel ban on COVID-19 affected countries, states, and territories until April 17.

According to information from the Office of the FSM President, Johnson S. Elimo, Chuuk Governor, sent communications to FSM President David Panuelo on Friday with an amended emergency declaration and a request to extend the ban.

With Panuelo granting the request, aircraft passengers from COVID-19 affected countries and territories would not be allowed to disembark in Chuuk until April 17.

“The people of Chuuk and the people of the FSM are one and the same,” Panuelo said. “I respect the Governor’s request to fulfill his mandate to nurture, serve, and protect the people of Chuuk, and hereby instruct all National Government agencies and institutions to ensure Chuuk’s request is appropriately executed in full.”

According to the FSM Office of the President, the only passengers eligible for disembarkation into the FSM at this time are those originating from Palau, which has remained COVID-19 free, and; travelers flying on Caroline Islands Air or Pacific Mission Aviation with routes to and from Yap and Palau.

The FSM remains one of the few nations without a confirmed COVID-19 case. All previous Persons Under Investigation (PUI) in the FSM have been tested and declared negative of the COVID-19 virus.