FSM president reimposes coronavirus travel ban

David Panuelo
FSM President David Panuelo

The FSM President has reinstituted the travel ban and quarantine requirements lifted by the FSM Congress last week.

The FSM Congress passed a resolution last week removing the required 14-day quarantine period and the government’s travel ban on other countries with coronavirus cases but still retained the ban enforced on China.

On Friday, Feb. 14, FSM President David Panuelo reimposed the quarantine requirement by issuing an amendment to the emergency declaration.

As a result, persons traveling into FSM from other countries or territories with confirmed coronavirus cases will not be allowed to enter the FSM unless they have stayed for no less than 14 days in a country or territory with no confirmed cases before traveling to the FSM.

At the end of January, the FSM government declared a state of public health emergency in response to the coronavirus threat.

The FSM President also established a task force to coordinate all activities related to addressing the health threat. Their duties include the monitoring of individuals who arrive in the FSM for coronavirus symptoms.