FSM receives medical supplies, funds from China

(Photo from the FSM Office of the President)

The People’s Republic of China has donated medical supplies and $100,000 to assist the FSM in its COVID-19 response.

Livingston A. Taulung, FSM Department of Health & Social Affairs Secretary, received the donation from Huang Zheng, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the FSM in a handover ceremony on Wednesday.

“Today is a reflection of the joint pursuit of the great idea of building a community with a shared future—because we are all connected,” Huang said.

He added: “It is our strong belief that the most basic human right is the right to existence. Both the Chinese Government and the Chinese people stand in solidarity with the FSM Government and people in this global fight against this global challenge.”

Taulung, in his remarks, said: “Mr. Ambassador, on behalf of President Panuelo and the FSM National Government, we want to express our utmost appreciation, not only for the supplies and the monetary contribution to our efforts in preventing and mitigating the COVID-19 threat but for the continued Great Friendship between the FSM and China, where the respect of human rights and the respect for each other is paramount.”

Taulung, according to a release from the FSM Office of the President, also considered the China’s offer of providing remote medical assistance through videoconferencing with local health officials and staff.

On his part, Huang said he is working hard to acquire a second shipment of medical supplies, to include ventilators, for the FSM.