FSM revote for Kosrae on April 18

Voters in a polling place in Pohnpei. (Photo from the FSM Government)

PALIKIR, Pohnpei – A revote of the Federated State of Micronesia’s Congress at-large seat for the State of Kosrae will take place on April 18.

The revote will take place in response to a petition filed by one of the candidates. After the May 5 FSM national elections, the candidate submitted the petition claiming that a number of eligible voters were unable to cast their vote due to a shortage of ballots.

Tony Otto, director of the FSM national election office, found sufficient evidence to support the petitioner’s allegation and ordered the revote. Otto also found that there was a small margin of victory between the two candidates vying for the at-large position.

According to the FSM government, the revote will only be for Kosraean voters who timely applied to vote absentee at the Pohnpei special polling place and those with valid voter IDs prior to the March 5 elections.