FSM Senators Introduce Resolution to End Compact of Free Association With United States


Resolution prompted by “recent words and deeds of United States policymakers”.

Guam – A resolution has been introduced into the FSM Congress requesting the FSM president to terminate the amended compact of free association with the United States of America by 2018.

The resolution seems to have been prompted by what the resolution itself calls “recent words and deeds of United States policymakers suggest they view the Amended Compact as an act of charity by the United States rather than a treaty between two sovereign nations.” The resolution further states that the United States has abused its majority on the US-FSM Joint Economic Management Committee to force through resolutions contrary to the interests of the Federated States of Micronesia. The resolution points out that the US members of the JEMCO have unilaterally made drastic cuts to the funding of the College of Micronesia-FSM without prior discussion or consultation with leaders of the FSM. The resolution also mentions that the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations recently recommended that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security consider establishing a pre-screening process for FSM migrants. This Senate committee also recommended requiring advanced permission for prospective travelers from the FSM and other freely associated states.

The Compact of Free Association is a treaty the U.S. has with the FSM that grants the U.S. exclusive control over the military use of the Federated States of Micronesia’s extensive territorial waters and airspace. Introduced by Senator Isaac V. Figir of Yap State, Senator Bonsiano F. Nethon of Chuuk State and and Senator Robson U. Romolow also of Chuuk State.









  1. Here’s my take on this story. First, any FSM resident who isn’t attending school or working should be deported. Coming over here to get on the government assistance programs wasn’t part of the deal. Second, maybe ending the treaty would be a good thing because it will put the responsibility square on the shoulders of the FSM governments to take care of their people. It isn’t the responsibility of GovGuam to do that. How many millions of U.S. dollars were given to these governments yet there is very little to show for it. Where did the money go? Probably into the pockets of the crooked FSM government officials and not the common FSM citizen. That would explain the thousands of FSM residents who have left their islands for a better life. Until the FSM governments come through and begin supporting their people by paying their medical bills and schooling for example, maybe the idea of them having to leave is the only solution to stop the bleeding.

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