FSM to fund youth programs on Guam

Speaker Tina Rose Muña Barnes meets with Speaker Wesley W. Simina as FSM Consul General on Guam, Ms. Teresa Filepin, looks on. (Photo courtesy of Speaker's Office)

Speaker Tina Rose Muña Barnes on Monday received a visit from Speaker Wesley W. Simina of the FSM Congress who shared that the FSM National Congress is cognizant of the issues on Guam with regards to COFA migrants.

As a result of the updates that the National Congress has received through their Consul General on Guam, Ms. Teresa Filepin, the FSM Congress has approved funding to implement programs that would directly benefit the youth of their community on Guam, the Speaker’s office announced.

In addition, seed money has been approved by the FSM Congress to fund a youth summit on Guam for the FSM community who have made Guam their home. This youth summit focus on seven areas that have been identified as “hotspots” on Guam. They will also be implementing a program called the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.”

Moreover, the Consul General will be working with the youth in her community to adopt certain parks aimed at instilling a sense of ownership.

In an interview with Patti Arroyo on NewsTalk K57, Speaker Muña Barnes said the meeting was very fruitful and the talks focused on issues that affected the FSM community on Guam.

As the Compact renegotiations begin, both Speaker Muña Barnes and Speaker Simina also discussed that they need to unite as a Blue Continent to strengthen their arguments to improve on concerns of mutual interests.