Fuel leak at Skilled Nursing Facility contained

Skilled Nursing Facility (PNC file photo)

At around 10:30 pm Sunday night, staff at the Guam Memorial Hospital Skilled Nursing Facility began to notice a fuel leak and called the Guam Fire Department (GFD) and the GMHA Facilities Maintenance team.

SNU staff, GMHA Facilities Maintenance and GFD all responded to clean up and contain the spill.

By about 12:30 am, the spill was contained and GFD departed the scene at 1:15 am, satisfied with GMHA’s response, GMH spokesperson Mai Habib said.

No one was injured and all the current residents of the SNF are safe.

According to Habib, the leak was traced back to a 50-gallon day tank in the emergency generator room. Habib said this is the first time it has ever spilled.

“The generator itself is undamaged and all other equipment is fine. The exact reason for the spill is currently undetermined. GMHA is conducting an incident investigation and report to follow up,” Habib told PNC. The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (GEPA) has been notified and GMHA is working with GEPA and other agencies involved to ensure the situation is rectified and documented to standards.

According to Habib, the GMHA response teams, DPW and  GFD worked together extremely quickly to contain the leak and they were able to recover approximately 12 gallons of fuel, with much of the remaining spilled liquid soaked up using GMHA’s professional spill kits.

“GMHA is thankful for the Guam Fire Department’s quick response to the scene. We are also grateful to the SNU staff, GMHA Facilities Maintenance teams, and Executive Leadership for their tireless efforts cleaning up and securing the spill overnight,” Habib said.