Fugitive art dealer waives hearing, agrees to return to NYC to face fraud allegations

33-year-old Inigo Philbrick is wanted by federal prosecutors in New York City where he is facing wire fraud and identity theft allegations.

A disgraced art dealer accused of defrauding collectors out of more than $20 million appeared before Guam District Court Judge Michael Bordallo Monday afternoon on a writ of removal.

33 year old Inigo Philbrick waived his right to an identity hearing and agreed to sign the writ allowing federal agents to take him back to New York City to face the charges against him.

Philbrick is facing wire fraud and identity theft allegations. He has come to be known as the art world’s “mini-Madoff” — a reference to jailed financier Bernie Madoff.

In a news release, U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman of the Southern District of New York is quoted as saying Philbrick is a serial swindler who misled art collectors, investors, and lenders.

Philbrick specialized in post-war and contemporary art. He fled the U.S. last year after he was accused of, among other things, selling the same piece of art to multiple buyers.

He was eventually found in the South Pacific Island of Vanuatu last Thursday where he was arrested by federal authorities and brought here to Guam for a writ of removal hearing.