Funding issues delay Hagatna master plan

An information hearing was held at the Legislature on the Hagatna master plan.

Funding issues continue to delay the completion of the Hagåtña master plan. Government officials say they need around $500,000 to conduct the flood evaluation study required under the plan.

The seventh phase of the plan involves conducting a Flood Damage Reduction Feasibility Study, which will focus on flooding issues associated with the Hagåtña River.

The study includes an evaluation of the causes and effects of flooding in Hagåtña and possible alternatives in mitigating damage.

Larry Toves, Guam Economic Development Authority real property manager, confirmed during an information hearing at the legislature, that additional funding is required to move forward with the study.

Toves said this is based on GEDA’s last discussion with the Hagåtña Restoration & Redevelopment Authority, the consultant’s analysis, and conversations with the Army Corps of Engineers.

“So there was some talk to add some funding and additional amendments to the scope of that phase so they can complete the evaluation study of the Hagåtña river. Through that process, there was an appropriation made for I believe, it was $300,000 to assist in that endeavor. However, the fee schedule that was submitted by the contractor, was about $200,000 over that amount. So a total is $500,000 to complete that study,” Toves said.

Toves said they are still trying to identify a funding source to complete the flood feasibility phase of the master plan. Aside from the study, the roundtable focused on the other contracts associated with the Hagåtña master plan.

According to Sen. Kelly Marsh Taitano, who has legislative oversight authority over the agency, the committee intends to hold a series of informational briefings after July 15, when the agencies are due to submit their technical assessment reports to the governor.