Fundraising page started for shot carabao; owner believes it was an accident

Anghet the carabao (file photo)

After photos and videos circulated on social media of a carabao shot in one of the southern villages, a Go Fund Me account was made in support of owner John Aguon.

The 61-year-old Aguon received a call from his nephew that Anghet, the carabao, was shot Sunday morning.

The Talofofo resident currently owns 4 carabaos and is the only man licensed to operate carabao rides on the island.

Of the 4 carabaos, 2 are rideable and the other 2 are in training.

Anghet is 11 years old and means Angel in CHamoru.

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She gave rides to kids and adults at the Valley of the Latte, carnivals, CHamoru village and various events.

Aguon said that he took Anghet to his house where there is a pond, after the discovery of the gunshot woundss on her left and right side rib area.

He says that he left her in the pond then went back to check if there were any additional bullet wounds.

“At first I thought it was a 12-inch shotgun but it looks like it’s a high powered rifle because it went in from one side and went out the other side. But when it hit her it did not produce a large exit wound,” Aguon said.

He said that this is the first time anything like this had happened in the past 7 years. But he believes it was an accident because his water buffaloes are placed near a jungle.

Aguon acknowledges that people do deer hunting in that area.

“You know I am not going up to the individual to press charges because it can be an accidental hunting. If there were excessive bullet wounds on her body, then they could have been using her for target practice and that’s brutalization. But it was one bullet wound and exit wound, so I can understand that it was an accident,” Aguon said.

He expressed to PNC that he feels lost because he lost a friend.

“Because she is not only a carabao. A lot of people think that she is just a carabao. She is more than a carabao. She is my business partner, bread and butter to sustain my family and she is also a part of my family,” Aguon said.

The Valley of the Latte started a GoFundMe account in support of Senot John Aguon and Anghet, his angel.

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