G4S Still Has to Install All Security Equipment at GDOE Schools Within a Year


…despite a one month delay.

Guam – Despite delays in the installment of security equipment at the public schools, GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says their deadline to get the project done is still the same.


The $800-thousand contract was awarded to G4S in February when they were also expected to begin installing security equipment at the schools and get the first phase done by April. However, Fernandez explains that two issues came up resulting in the one month delay. One issue is that under the invitation for bid, a permit would be required. However, last week, Department of Public Works determined that G4S doesn’t need a permit to start the installations. Another issue is that G4S is still waiting for the shipment of security equipment ordered from off island. Initially, Fernandez explains they mapped out the plan to get six schools outfitted with security equipment within 60 days, which means it would take about a year to get security cameras up at all 35 schools. However, because of the delays, they now have to adjust the schedule.

GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says, “We anticipate the first day of installation at this point April 26. So we’re looking forward to our vendors going out to the schools and beginning that work. There is still a commitment and requirement in the contract to complete the work by February next year. That’ll require that we start adjusting installation schedule to add more schools to each phase and to accelerate the work.”
Fernandez explains that most of the schools up North are first on the list because they are the frequent targets for vandalism, break-ins and thefts. The project includes installment, monitoring services, and two-year maintenance.