GACS holiday draws criticism


“From my understanding, today was supposed to be a make-up day. So, could other arrangements have been made?” – Concerned parent.

Guam – Most students enjoyed the day off. But for some schools, particularly the ones behind in instructional hours, today could have been a chance to catch up.

Some schools have experienced either an early release or a loss of instructional hours due to a lack of water in the area or controlled lock downs. But perhaps the school that has received the most coverage for closure is none other than Guahan Academy Charter School.

In fact, GACS started the year with a grand total of nine make-up days for middle school and high school students. And in order to address the instructional hours missed, the board proposed a make-up calendar. Some of those days include holiday weekends like today.

But a Facebook post on November 21 shows that the school chose to cancel classes instead.

For one concerned parent, the decision was a poor one.

The parent who wishes to remain anonymous tells PNC, “From my understanding, today was supposed to be a make-up day. So, could other arrangements have been made…My main concern is, are they [GACS] going to be deducting more days from Christmas break, Easter, or summer vacation?”

And some parents were not even notified. According to another concerned parent, they happened to see the announcement while scrolling on social media.

But even if GACS wanted to use the day to make-up the instructional hours, would they have been able to provide transportation during a GovGuam holiday?

According to the Department of Public Works? Absolutely.

DPW Director Glenn Leon Guerrero tells PNC that the buses definitely could have been arranged in advance for schools behind in instructional hours. He adds that it’s up to the individual schools to arrange the transportation with the department.

He says some schools accounted for today’s holiday and have arranged for bus transportation during Christmas break in January.

As for GACS, a second make-up day has yet to be determined.

Meanwhile, GACS Board Chairwoman Fe Ovalles was not available for comment as of news time this evening.