GACS says eviction rescinded; Oversight council calls meeting into school’s lack of outreach to parents


The Guahan Academy Charter school says it will not be evicted from its extended Tiyan campus tomorrow, following a meeting held late this afternoon with its landlord.

According to an email from Fe Valencia-Ovales, the chairwoman of the school’s board of trustees, details of this eleventh hour deal will be forthcoming to the Charter School Council, which oversees these publicly-funded institutions.  For instance, GACS did not disclose how long its landlord is willing to wait for GACS’ debt to be paid, how much money it will have to pay to stay the eviction further, or any commitments made on when payments will need to be made.  But there was one assertion Valencia-Ovales was able to release today.

“There will be no double sessions for GACS this school year,” Valencia-Ovales wrote to council chairwoman Amanda Blas.

Nevertheless, GACS still has to address lingering issues over the handling of this eviction notice.  Outspoken parents have aired their grievances over school leadership not being forthcoming about this looming crisis before it was covered in the media.  A letter from Blas to Valencia-Ovales sent today says an emergency work session will be held tomorrow to address its “lack of communication with parents.” 

Specifically Blas wants GACS to answer if a meeting on a possible double session with elementary students was confirmed with parents and employees, whether or not parents were contacted about the meeting, and if information on GACS eviction notice was posted on the school’s Facebook page and website.

The emergency work session will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday in the Department of Parks and Recreation conference room at Paseo.