GACS students and parents: “We are worth saving”


Guam – Last night, parents and students of the Guahan Academy Charter School filled the Legislative Public Hearing Room, holding posters and breaking into applause when the accomplishments of the students at the charter school were recognized.

Representatives of the schools administration meet with the members of the Charter School Council last night, as the Council will have to determine whether or not to renew the schools charter.

Concerned parents gave testimony in support of the school, citing reasons why they made the decision to move their child or children from the GDOE system, to the charter school system.

Success of the charter school was highlighted in the number of students who were reading at or above grade level, an achievement not seen while attending GDOE schools.

A concerning reason as to why a parent decided to move her son to the charter school was the extensive bulling he endured at a GDOE school.

“They’re a family, our island…our children see on the news every single day just how divided everyone around the world is. I ask you to please, when you deliberate, please deliberate as a parent, please think of our children and please, let’s unite. I think there’s so many things going on where we have to practice what we preach, day in and day out. I ask you to search deep within your soul and to make the right decision. Please, do not leave our children homeless, because Guahan Academy Charter School is their second home. Thank you,” said Janessa Corpuz, Parent.

Present at last night’s Charter School Council Meeting, Senator Wil Castro has called for a “work-out” to avoid a shutdown of the Guahan Academy Charter School.

Acknowledging the learning accomplishments of the students, as well as the findings by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Castro states, “Does this necessitate revoking a charter and shutting down a learning community?”

It was made clear last night that the students wish to continue their studies at the charter school.

“I’ve been at Guahan Academy for two years and I already love it here and I don’t want it to end. This is an awesome school, I have learned everything a third grader needed to know and I still need to learn more. The teachers and staff here at Guahan Academy are the best. I’m only a third grader and I shouldn’t have to worry about my school closing down,” said a third grader.

GACS’s Legal Counsel, Phillip Torres, was present to transmit to the Charter School Council, the appeal they are giving to the Western Association of Schools and Colleges Accrediting Commission, regarding the withholding of GACS’s candidacy for accreditation.