GACS trims enrollment numbers; faces potential budget cuts


Guam – The Charter School Council reconvened for another special meeting today, only to cancel the meeting due to quorum issues.

With the deadline to turn in all three charter schools’ budget proposals fast approaching, Council Chairwoman Blas shared that the council is doing their due diligence to review the each individual proposal.

“This is the first year that the charter schools will be following the BBMR format, so these are one of the changes we saw…I am pleased with the progress we see [reflected] in the minutes,” remarked Council Chairwoman Blas. “We do start email threads with all the board of trustees, and we start an email thread where all our council members can ask questions up until the next meeting. So, we do have the communication.”

Today, charters turned in revised copies of their proposals and a few changes were noted. Namely, Guahan Academy Charter School dropped their projected enrollment numbers from 961 students to 873.

Viewers may recall that GACS was under scrutiny for enrolling 64 Pre-K students last fiscal year. At the cost of $6,500 per pupil, GACS spent $416K. The charter was warned not to include Pre-K students again for next year due to local law that caps funding for charter enrollment at K-12 only.

It appears GACS has removed a total of 88 student projections for next fiscal year, and with potential budget cuts on the horizon, GACS will have no choice, but to acquire additional funding for the 133 students not covered by local law.

Another special meeting for the budget proposals will be held next week.