Guahan Academy Board Presents Reasons for Dismissal of CEO Donna Dwiggins


Dwiggins was also the visionary behind the Charter School

Guam – Financial issues and personnel actions are the reasons behind the dismissal of Donna Dwiggins from Guahan Academy Charter School at the start of the fiscal year, according to GACS Board of Trustees Chairman Roger Cooper

Dwiggins was the CEO and Principal until the board declined to renew her contract on September 30th. Cooper presented the Charter School Council with their reasons for letting Dwiggins go this afternoon.

Among concerns noted by Cooper noted that Dwiggins had presented the board with a budget that was short $202,000.  According to Cooper payroll discrepancies and unfair personnel actions are a part of that shortfall but operational issues however were the main factors behind the board’s decision.



Council Chairwoman Rosa Palomo told PNC she was pleased with the board’s report and is confident that they will take care of the issues Cooper noted in his report.




GACS report to the council