Gadsden, Cepeda Earn Three Titles Each at Lai Memorial Junior Cup


Guam – The Tennis Academy of Guam has announced that Chloe Gadsden and Joshua Cepeda both earned three tournament titles in the finals of the Shirley Lai Memorial Junior Cup 2013 SUNDAY at the Sheraton Laguna Resort and Spa Tennis Courts.

Before rain delays postponed several matches last weekend , 16-year old Chloe Gadsen had won the 18 and Under Girls Doubles with Ashley Nadler defeating Alyssa Bristol and Camdyn Nadler 8 – 5. Gadsen also won the 18 and Under Girls Singles 8 – 4 over Camdyn Nadler, then defeated her again today in the 16 Girls Singles 8 – 2.

Yesterday’s finals matches saw 15-year old Joshua Cepeda battling in four different matches garnering titles in three of them. In the 16 and Under Boys Singles Cepeda defeated Christopher Cajigan 8 – 3. An hour later he defeated his nephew Brian Tuncap, Jr. in the 18 and Under Boy Singles 9 – 8 (4). Shortly after, Cepeda and Tuncap teamed up in the 16 and Under Boys division to play against Tom Park and Derek Okuhama beating them 8 – 2. In Cepeda’s last finals match, the 18 and Under Boys Doubles, he and his partner, Anthony John, fell to brothers Brian, Jr. and Victor Tuncap 8 – 6.

The tournament featured 70 participants with over 125 matches. The event also hosted the first ever Girls High School Doubles division with eleven teams. Annette Kang and Margaux San Nicolas of St. John’s captured the title with an 8 – 6 win over Camdyn Nadler and Christine Kim from the Academy of Our Lady of Guam.

The next major tennis event for the Tennis Academy of Guam will be the ASC Family Tennis Classic scheduled from April 19-May 12. This will be a full tournament that includes Family Doubles, Skilled Singles and Doubles, Aged, Mixed and Juniors events.

[Joshua Cepeda going up for a overhead smash during the a Under 16 singles match]

Final Results:

Boys’ 18 Singles Open (Final Round)
cepeda, joshua (1)  def.  Tuncap, Brian  9-8(4)

Boys’ 18 Doubles Open (Final Round)
Tuncap, Brian / Tuncap, Victor  def.  John, Anthony / cepeda, joshua (1)  8-6

Boys’ 16 Singles Open (Final Round)
cepeda, joshua (1)  def.  Cajigan, Christopher  8-3

Boys’ 16 Doubles Open (Final Round)
Tuncap, Brian / cepeda, joshua (1)  def.  Okuhama, Derek /  Park, Tom (2)  8-2

Boys’ 14 Singles Open (Final Round)
Gadsden, Sidney (1)  def.  Chung, Andrew (2)  8-5

Boys’ 14 Singles Challenger (Final Round)
Tan, Josh  def.  Zhu, Kevin  8-5

Boys’ 14 Doubles Open (Final Round)
Gadsden, Sidney / Lee, Gavin (1)  def.  CALDWELL, MASON /  Tan, Gabriel  8-0

Boys’ 12 Singles Open (Final Round)
Chung, Edward (1)  def.  Tan, Gabriel (3)  8-4

Boys’ 12 Singles Challenger (Final Round)
Abrams, Aaron  def.  Rahmani, Arya  8-6

Boys’ 12 Doubles Open (Final Round)
Camacho, Camden / Chung, Edward  def.  CALDWELL, MASON /  Tan, Gabriel  8-3

Boys’ 10 Singles Open (Final Robin)
Zhang, Marshall  def.  Andrew Leng  8-2

Girls’ 18 Singles Open (Final Round)
Gadsden, Chloe (1)  def.  Nadler, Camdyn (2)  8-4

Girls’ 18 Doubles Open (Final Round)
Gadsden, Chloe / Nadler, Ashley  def.  Bristol, Alyssa /  Nadler, Camdyn  8-5

Girls’ 16 Singles Open (Final Round)
Gadsden, Chloe (1)  def.  Nadler, Camdyn (2)  8-2

Girls’ 16 Doubles Open (Final Round)
Bristol, Alyssa / Nadler, Camdyn  def.  Gadsen, Chloe / San Nicolas, Margaux  8-6

Girls’ 12 Singles Open (Final Round)
Abrams, Kanasta  def.  Yamasawa, Nozomi  9-8; 7-6(6))

Girls High School Doubles Open (Final Robin)
Annette Kang/Margaux San Nicola  def.  Camdyn Nadler/Christine Kim  8-6