GAIN: Appropriation for Operation of Animal Shelter Confirmed


Guam –

The following paragraph was copied directly from the budget the Governor signed into law.  As was the case last year, the current Board was successful in their negotiations with Senators and the Governor to make sure the money provided for the shelter was allotted to Guam Animals In Need.   Thank you to all those who were tasked with this project. By the way, the GAIN Board has no intention of surrendering the Yigo animal shelter to the government of Guam.  The rumor of surrendering the shelter and other negative statements are simply not true.  If you have any question regarding the operation of GAIN, please call me or email me.   I’ll be happy to provide evidence to disprove the rumors
The following paragraph is on page 86 of the budget.

The budget, in it’s entirety, can be viewed  at