GAIN asks residents to temporarily provide foster care for dogs and cats

Alison Hadley, the executive director of GAIN (PNC file photo)

Now that Guam has returned to PCOR 3, Guam Animals In Need is seeking help from island residents to temporarily provide foster care for dogs and cats in their homes.

It was late February when the governor shifted the island back to PCOR 3 and GAIN is now reaching the full capacity of its animal shelter.

GAIN is recruiting volunteers to provide foster care for adult dogs and cats.

The non-profit organization’s goal is to relieve space and address the facility’s shelter capacity issues.

GAIN usually takes in more than 5,000 pets annually and the amount of pets usually increases every year.

Due to COVID restrictions, the shelter was only able to take in less than 3,000 animals in the last year.

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Foster homes provide pets with a caring setting, allowing them to socialize, learn new tricks, and ultimately become more adoptable. Pet fostering also helps address the limited space at the shelter during these uncertain times.

Alison Hadley, the executive director of GAIN, says now that restrictions are eased, the shelter is expecting things to get busy.

Hadley says operations have been flowing smoothly now that mayors and the community are aware of GAIN’s new schedule.

She says it’s super easy to become a new foster and the first step to doing so is contacting GAIN’s foster coordinator via email at

“And it’s really just filling out a quick questionnaire to let us know what type of animal that you can bring home, how long you can keep them, and if you have any restrictions. We will let you know who is available to be put into foster homes and who we feel is the best fit for that type of household and what the animals’ needs are. And also the fosters are responsible for showing them off on social media and advertising them to their community and friends,” Hadley said.

She added that there are about 90 individuals fostering pets on the island.

Hadley says a vast majority of the fosters are taking care of dogs which would equal 75% of the foster volunteers.

If you would like to participate in the foster program, adopt, or make a donation, you can check out the non-profit’s website at and check out their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram