GAIN Celebrates Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month; Adoptions 50% Off


Guam – October is Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month.  The Yigo animal shelter has more than 80 beautiful, loving, four-legged guests of the canine persuasion, each awaiting adoption.  

During the month of October, the GAIN animal caregivers are hoping to adopt out each one of these furry little individuals to a loving, responsible home that will give them affection and companionship for the rest of their days.   GAIN is reducing the adoption fee by 50% for the entire month of October in hopes of enticing the public to come up to the shelter and fall in love with one of our adorable guests.

Do you have room to add another member in your family?  If it’s a first-time pet, GAIN Animal Caretakers will help you know what to expect and how to keep your dog and your home happy.  Please take a short drive up to the Yigo animal shelter and walk around the yard until you find that one, special dog that needs your love and wants to give you love.   Now that the adoption fees have been lowered to $30 for Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month, it is the perfect time to adopt a dog and fall in love.  Please help GAIN adopt one until there are none.

Guam Animals In Need (GAIN), Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals, and to the education of the public concerning matters pertaining to animals and their welfare. The shelter, located in Yigo, has facilities to house and care for dogs, cats and rabbits, and provides food, shelter and medical care. GAIN encourages all animal owners to be sure their pets are part of the family and not tied outside with little or no social contact.  If you’re interested in volunteering or you would like to donate to the shelter operating expenses, please contact GAIN at 653-GAIN(4246).

[The adoption fees at the Yigo animal shelter have been lowered to $30 for Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month, it is the perfect time to fall in love and adopt a dog.  Please help GAIN adopt one until there are none.]