GAIN: don’t “leave and tie animals to gate”

Guam Animals In Need

Following a dog being left overnight in front of its gate with no contact or aid, Guam Animals In Need, also known as GAIN, is asking the community to contact the nonprofit if they would like to leave an animal for adoption – and to not just abandon the pet outside of its facility in Yigo.

“So it’s not uncommon that people leave and tie animals to … gate,” said Lauren Cabrera, GAIN President. “We do have security cameras so we can see people pull up and tie animals to our gates, or dump litters of puppies on our parking lot.”

On March 22, a dog was recently left tied up to the gates of GAIN, presumably from a dog owner who could not care for it anymore.

What made the already unfortunate situation even more unlucky was that the dog was no longer attached to the leash when GAIN staff arrived in the morning.

“When we went into work the other day there was just a leash, there’s no dog attached,” she said. “Because it was probably terrified being tied up to the gate, we saw a truck drop it off at 10pm and it was stuck there all night. So it escaped and now nobody knows where the dog is.”

Cabrera told the Pacific News Center how this type of situation is a common occurrence.

“We find puppies wandering in the parking lot, boxes of puppies dumped, dogs tied up and its just not safe,” she said. “We’ve also found dogs tied up, abandoned at different spots on island. Like we’ve found a dog at Two Lovers Point that was just tied to a tree with a bag of food. Just bring it to us.”

As a means to find a remedy to the situation, Cabrera shared with PNC that GAIN has shortened their wait list to take in animals.

She said they had to “develop a waitlist for public health and safety,” during the peak of the COVID pandemic.

The waitlist is approximately “one week long, from the time of calling to drop off.”

“Really the solution is just call us, and we’ll schedule a time for drop of so we can take in the animal safely and properly,” Cabrera said.

To schedule an animal drop off, call GAIN at 671-653-4246.


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