GAIN Kicks off an Affordable Spay and Neuter Program

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Residents can now affordably spay and neuter their fur babies at the GAIN animal shelter with the SNIP program, also known as Spay & Neuter Island Pets.

The SNIP Clinic will operate under two vets, but a visiting group of 10 vets from Taiwan will assist the two local vets in two weeks.

Alison Hadley, Gain Animal Shelter Director said, “The SNIP Clinic is something that we have had at GAIN in the past but unfortunately, we lost our veterinarians so we have to stop it for a little while. But we’ve been very lucky to have the territorial veterinarian Dr. Mariana Turner and another veterinarian, Dr. Brenda Smith, who is employed through GAIN come to the island and they will be operating that SNIP Clinic, which is a low-cost spay and neuter clinic here at the shelter.”

Hadley says that the SNIP Clinic will only do spay and neutering.

Moreover, Hadley says that spaying and neutering a pet is essential to taking care of a pet. She said, “Spay and neuter is the focus of the clinic so we can’t offer anything beyond that. But it’s something that the island really, really needs. And we’re very excited to get it open to the public in the next couple of weeks.”

Although the SNIP Clinic isn’t free, Hadley says there might be a way to help pet owners who are short on funds.

Hadley says, “It’s going to be $50 flat, and of course if people want to donate more than that we’re totally open to that. We’re hoping to have sort of a pool of money that people–if they want to donate more, people who can’t afford the $50 would have access to that service as well.”

Hadley says that prior to having your pets spayed and neutered, it is preferred to give them a bath and make sure they are free from fleas and ticks.

From August 4-16 the SNIP Clinic will be at the Mongmong-Toto-Maite Community Center and in a few weeks, the permanent location will be at the GAIN Animal Shelter.

Interested individuals can fill out a form at
And for more information, contact the SNIP program at

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