VIDEO: Assistant U.S. Attorney Johnson Sues GAIN After Being Denied Membership Renewal


Guam –  Assistant U.S. Attorney Karon Johnson has filed a civil lawsuit against the “Guam Animals in Need” [GAIN] for refusing to allow her to renew her membership.


Johnson’s Attorney Robert Kutz filed the complaint Thursday alleging that GAIN’s Board of Directors revoked Johnson’s membership with the animal shelter and now refuses to renew her membership.

He calls it a last ditch attempt to keep Johnson from participating in next month’s general election for GAIN Board members. He says Johnson is one of the founding members of GAIN and has been a staunch advocate of animal rights on Guam.


Meanwhile, GAIN Board Vice President Valerie Bock responded by calling  Johnson’s complaint meritless. Bock says Johnson has a history of conflict and chaos within the organization and adds that Johnson has been hostile toward Gain.

Attorney Kutz is asking the court to prohibit GAIN from revoking and refusing to allow Johnson to renew her membership.