Games of chance bill signed into law

Senator Jose 'Pedo' Terlaje.

Guam – Governor Lou Leon Guerrero has signed Bill 101-35 into law. The measure adopts the games of chance regulations for the 75th Liberation Day carnival 

Leon Guerrero, who signed the measure on Friday, said, “I am pleased to sign this bill because we are demonstrating that together we can celebrate our island’s liberation events, now and into the future, without risking precious resources that fund our government’s priorities.”

She added, “But Liberation is not about games of chance, it’s about commemorating the stories of occupation and liberation, especially told by our remaining survivors. We will always be thankful to them and to the U.S. forces who liberated Guam 75 years ago.”

“A Trojan horse for gambling that without a doubt deceived the people of Guam,” Vice Speaker Telena Cruz Nelson said in a statement issued regarding the games of chance bill.

Senator Jose “Pedo” Terlaje introduced the legislation.

When the legislature passed Bill 101-35 earlier this week, Nelson called out carnival organizers and some public officials, saying, “They placed their bets on gambling as a primary solution and didn’t care to look down safer avenues. Then, loopholes were found to protect the interest of gambling bidders – not the people’s best interests.”

Nelson was one of five lawmakers who voted against the bill.