Jurors Find Rugante Guilty on All Charges in Gang Rape Case, Madeus Guilty on Some Charges


Jurors returned the verdict on Saturday



Guam – A verdict was reached over the weekend in the case of two men accused in the gang rape of a woman in Dededo last year.



Three men were originally charged in the brutal rape of a 24-year old woman in Dededo in January of last year. One of the men, Jose White Longa pled guilty prior to trial. A jury returned the verdicts on the other two Saturday.



Minorichy Nisar Rugante was found guilty of two charges of 1st Degree Criminal Sexual Conduct, as well as 2nd Degree Kidnapping.



The other man in the case, Frances Madeus, was found not guilty on both charges first degree criminal sexual conduct but jurors did find him guilty on both charges of third degree Criminal Sexual Conduct as a second degree felony. They also found him guilty of kidnapping.



The three are all scheduled to be sentenced in April.