GAO: DoD Failed to Fully Identify Costs Associated With Buildup


Guam -The Government Accountability Office [GAO] has issued yet another report critical of the Defense Department’s incomplete cost analysis for  the Guam Military buildup.

The report cites DoD for  not fully identifying some costs associated with the buildup  

  Current estimates are that the Guam military buildup is likely to cost DoD about $7.5 billion in military construction funding between 2009 and 2016. Japan is expected to provide an additional $6.09 billion.

But the GAO report estimates that the combined costs for the Guam military buildup for DoD, the Government of Japan, and GovGuam will be a grand total of almost $23.9 billion.

READ the GAO report on the Guam Buildup

Among those unidentified costs are:

*GovGuam estimates it needs about $3.2 billion for off  base infrastructure projects needed to support the buildup

* DoD has not developed cost estimates for the air and missile defense task force that may be placed on Guam

* Construction for Air Force Guam Strike initiative is expected to occur over a 16-year period. Current costs estimates have been made through 2015 only. The costs for the strike force will be higher once full life cycle is factored in.



In addition, the GAO cites DoD for not having finalized its Master Plan for the military buildup on Guam. The congressional defense committees have been requesting a master plan for Guam since 2006.

The report is the latest in a series of  reports critical of  DoD realignment plans. It echos last week’s DoD Inspector General report, another GAO report issued last month and the conclusion reached by the Senate Armed Services Committee which wants to freeze further funding for the Guam Military buildup until DoD presents a Master Plan detailing the total costs for the buildup.


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