Gas back above $3 a gallon


It didn’t take long.

After settling at just under $3-dollars for two weeks Mobil jacked its price for a gallon of regular unleaded back up above $3-dollars a gallon this morning.

The 15-cent increase takes the price for regular unleaded from $2.98 up to $3.13 cents a gallon.

The increase is expected to be mimicked by 76 and then Shell, in that order, before the day is out. The island’s fuel suppliers set prices in lock step with each other.

This is the twelfth change in the price of gasoline this year and only the second price increase after 10 consecutive declines.

Fuel prices have plunged in the wake of the travel restrictions imposed around the world to fight the spread of the coronavirus.

However crude prices have begun edging back up now that a number of regions have announced plans to ease travel restrictions.

The average price for a gallon of regular unleaded stateside is $1.78 a gallon, according to the American Automobile Association.

Triple A reports the national average rose 1-cent since last week “as some states begin to re-open businesses.”

2020 Price Changes:

*January 1: $4.15

1.   January 8:  10-cent increase to $4.25
2.   January 23: 10-cent decrease to $4.15
3.   February 3: 10-cent decrease to $4.05
4.   March 3:    10-cent decrease to $3.95
5.   March 10:   10-cent decrease to $3.85
6.   March 13:   15-cent decrease to $3.70
7.   March 25:   20-cent decrease to $3.50
8.   April 1:    20 cent decrease to $3.30
9.   April 9:    15 cent decrease to $3.15
10. April 17:   10 cent decrease to $3.05
11. April 24:    7 cent decrease to $2.98
12. May 7:      15 cent increase to $3.13