Gas prices drop 10 cents following global plunge


Guam – Some good news for consumers, the price of gas just went down by 10 cents just in time for the holiday shopping season. But the question is, will it last?

The price at the pump for regular unleaded at all three gas stations went from $4.43 a gallon to now $4.33 a gallon.

The drop follows a nationwide and global trend in plunging oil prices but experts are already predicting that this break at the pump will be short lived.

Brent crude fell by about 5 points to $58.60 a barrel last Friday. After Black Friday, which some believe contributed to the drop, Brent crude stabilized climbing back up to $59.75 a barrel by the close of day today.

Despite a steep drop, gas prices are still much higher now than they were about a year ago when the price of regular unleaded was about $3.80 cents a gallon.