Gas station embezzlement suspects identified

Two women allegedly stole $298k from a Mobil gas station. (PNC photo)

Guam – The two women who allegedly embezzled funds from a local gas station have been identified. 

PNC was on scene at the Hagåtña Precinct Wednesday afternoon, at the time the two women were brought in for processing.

According to the Department of Corrections confinement sheet, Marisha Ann Fegurgur Rabago and Jessica Rose Tainatongo were both booked and confined on charges of theft held in trust, conspiracy and guilt established by complicity.

While details of the case have not been released, a source shared that the two women were discovered to have allegedly embezzled about $298,000 from Mobil gas station’s Tenda Mart in Yona over the course of a year. The investigation is still ongoing and that more money may have been stolen, according to the source