5th Person Charged in Last Friday’s Raid on Tamuning Ice House; Chris Gatan Accused of Making “Ice”


Guam – A 5th person, Christopher Jequinto Gatan, has been charged in connection with last Friday’s raid on a home in Tamuning from which at least 2 of the suspects admit they sold “ice.”

Gatan  is accused of  manufacturing as well as possession of crystal meth.

According to the Magistrate’s report, “a quantity of pseudoephedrine and a ‘shake and bake’ container” were found in the main bedroom of the home, along with “a quantity of crystal like substance which tested presumptive positive for methamphetamine.”

Also found were “papers with the name Christopher Gatan … in the room next to a modified glass pipe.”

READ the Magistarte’s report HERE [scroll down, Gatan is 6th one down]     

Gatan told police that he had been fishing last Friday during the raid and when he came home he found “plastic baggies, container, and other items that he knows is used to make ice on his bed and dresser.” Gatan said “he was surprised to see the items there and does not know who put them there.”

He said “he was aware that there was drug trafficking at the location but claimed that ‘he keeps to himself and doesn’t interfere [sic] with’ the other’s business.”

The other 4 who were charged in Superior Court last Saturday are 46 year old Brian Anthony Perez; 45 year old Patrick Paul Perez [aka Patrick Peckich];  43 year old Elizabeth Ann Borja and Joe Agulto.

According to the Magistrate report, both Brian and Patrick Perez admitted to police that they sold “ice” from the residence which is located within a designated drug-free school zone, just 250 feet from a school bus stop.

READ the Satruday Magistarte’s report HERE