VIDEO: Even as Barriers Fall to Same-Sex Unions Stateside, Cruz Has No Plans to Re-Introduce Legislation Here


Guam – Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz says he has no plans to revive legislation legalizing same-sex marriage on Guam,  despite the trend towards legalization on the mainland.

The most recent development recognizing the rights of same-sex couples comes from U.S.  Attorney General Eric Holder who has announced that the United States government will expand recognition of same-sex marriages in federal legal matters including bankruptcies, prison visits and survivor benefits. 17 states now recognize same-sex marriage. And the U.S. Supreme Court has recently ruled struck down a California law banning such unions.

Back in 2009, Senator Cruz introduced a bill that would have legalized what he then called the civil union of same sex couples. But it failed to make it to the floor for a vote.

However the Senator says he has no intention of introducing a similar bill now,  because the Supreme Court has already established most of the legal rights he seeks for same sex couples.

Still, Cruz points out that federal courts have already ruled that same sex couples on Guam,  and elsewhere, can file a joint tax return, get joint insurance and collect Social Security benefits if their spouse passes away. One of the few things that remains to be resolved on Guam, says Cruz, is retirement fund protection for same sex couples.