GBA releases evaluation of justice and judges on 2020 general election ballot


This year, Guam voters will decide whether or not to retain in office three (3) Superior Court Judges and one (1) Supreme Court Justice. Guam Judges and Justices are appointed for life, but are subject to “retentionelections” every 8 years.

The Guam Bar Association conducted a judicial retention survey of its active lawyer members, reviewing the performance of Judges and Justice who are up for retention: Supreme Court Chief Justice F. Phillip Carbullido, Superior Court Presiding Judge Alberto C. Lamorena, III, Superior Court Judge Arthur R. Barcinas, and Superior Court Judge Maria T. Cenzon.

The survey was sent out to only active bar members and the responses were anonymously received between October 15th thru 22nd. The American Bar Association Standards for Judicial Evaluation were used as the resource for the retention surveys.

The following scale was used to rate the performance of judicial officers:

5 = Excellent
4 = Very Good
3 = Acceptable
2 = Poor
1 = Unacceptable
0 = Don’t Know

The judicial officers were rated on Legal Ability, Integrity and Impartiality, Professionalism and Temperament, and Administrative Capacity.

The survey results are provided to the general public in the interests of improving the administration of justice.

The results are as follows:

= Shall Chief Justice Carbullido of the Supreme Court of Guam be retained in office? Yes 89%; No 11%

= Shall Judge Lamorena III of the Superior Court of Guam be retained in office? Yes 65%; No 35%

= Shall Judge Barcinas of the Superior Court of Guam be retained in office? Yes 71%; No 29%

= Shall Judge Cenzon of the Superior Court of Guam be retained in office? Yes; 83%; No 17%