GBB: GRRP’s Proposal to Buy Layon Landfill “Unrealistic in the Extreme”


Guam – Reacting to Guam Resource Recovery Partner’s [GRRP] proposal to buy the new Layon Landfill, GBB Principal Associate David Manning today  [Friday] called the idea ‘unrealistic in the extreme.”

Manning represents the Federal Receiver that has supervising the construction of the new multi-million dollar landfill under Federal Court order.

In an e-mail response to PNC News, Manning declined to elaborate further, beyond saying it was not very practical.

GRRP’s David Sablan told PNC News Thursday that the plan has been submitted to the Governor’s Office for review. He said GRRP still proposes building a waste-to-energy plant in Atentano Sablan said the plan is to put the ash from the burnt-trash into the Layon landfill which GRRP would buy from GovGuam with proceeds from a bond they would sell based on their own credit worthiness.

Utilities Committee Chair Tom Ada says he’s familiar with the plan,  but warned its far from becoming a reality.

The biggest hurdle is getting GovGuam to agree to a new contract with GRRP,  after the Guam Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld a lower court decision voiding GRRP’s 1996 contract.

Governor Calvo told PNC News that he personally has not seen GRRP’s plan, but he acknowledged that it was submitted to members of his economic team for review. Beyond that, the Governor had no further comment.