Ordot Mayor Still Has Questions About Closure of Dump Next Year


Guam – In anticipation of the closure of the Ordot Dump next July, Chalan Pago – Ordot Mayor Jessy Gogue held a Town Hall meeting Thursday night at his office to get an update on the progress towards that goal.

Representatives from the Federal Receiver GBB and the U.S. and Guam EPA attended.

Gogue told PNC News he called the meeting because he still has a lot of questions about the closure plans for the dump.  “When is it going to be bidded out? What will be the contents of the dump closure plan?  And of course the time lines thats associated with it. Not only the closure of the dump, but the mitigation of a lot of the environmental issues of concern after the dump is closed.”

In a telephone interview from the mainland, GBB Principal David Manning said: “GBB is still on target to close the Ordot Dump and to open the Layon Landfill in July 2011. Manning says the formal closure plan will be finalized by the U.S. EPA and expects it to be compete sometime next year.”