GBC: All options being discussed for Hong Kong basketball game; no final decision yet


The Guam Basketball Confederation (GBC) said it is discussing all options with regards to the upcoming FIBA Asia Cup qualifier basketball game in light of a recommendation from the Guam Visitors Bureau to postpone or cancel the game.

GBC President EJ Calvo told PNC Monday morning that the organization is gathering all necessary information to make a conclusive decision on the game slated for Thursday, Feb. 20. GBC said it hopes to make a decision by Monday afternoon.

The game is between the Bank of Guam Men’s National Team and the Hong Kong basketball team.

Calvo told PNC that it’s not as simple as cancelling a game and that there are many commitments Guam entered into when GBC accepted to host this game. It’s also a world-qualifier match which heightens its importance.

Calvo said there are several “what’s possible” scenarios they’re debating and will be working with major stakeholders, including the governor’s office, to make a final decision. He says he understands the concerns of the public over the coronavirus but there are many Hong Kong tourists who travel to Guam daily to vacation.

The Hong Kong basketball team is comprised of 12 players and 4 coaches.

Over the weekend, the Guam Visitors Bureau Board of Directors said that out of an abundance of caution, they and the management of GVB are recommending the postponement or cancellation of the Guam Basketball Confederation’s FIBA Asia Cup 2021 Qualifier.

The game is scheduled for Feb. 20 and Public Health has previously stated that safeguards have been put in place to screen the incoming Hong Kong basketball team to make sure that they do not carry the coronavirus.

The game was originally scheduled to take place in Hong Kong but it was moved to Guam also because of coronavirus concerns.

People from Hong Kong are exempt from the U.S. travel ban for residents of mainland China.

Guam’s tourism industry has already been adversely affected by the coronavirus outbreak with more than 14,000 visitors canceling their trips to Guam.