GCA pushes for court to decide on preliminary injunction


GCA says they have not received any counter offers from the U.S. Department of Justice.

Guam – The Guam Contractors Association is now pushing for the District Court to move forward in deciding a preliminary injunction against the Justice Department over the H2-B visa denials.

This comes after failed settlement negotiations between the parties. GCA informed the court that they are still open to negotiations with the two settlement proposals they had offered. However, on Tuesday this week, GCA says they received an email from the defendants saying they have nothing to offer at this time.

The plaintiff is now pushing for the court to move forward on all the other motions they have filed, saying, “unless the defendants are willing to consider the plaintiff’s previous offers of settlement, it appears that settlement is not a viable option at this time.”

Pending before the court are motions for preliminary injunction, dismissal, class certification and discovery outside the administrative record.

You can read GCA’s status report here.