GCC: 5 Complete Inarajan CAPS Program; 2 Hired Already


Guam – Two of the five people who participated in the initial cohort of Guam Community College’s Community Access Points (CAP) program at the Inarajan Mayor’s Office attribute their new full-time jobs to having earned their National Career Readiness Certificate through the program.

Jesse Taimanglo of Inarajan was working part-time as a carpenter when Mayor Doris Lujan convinced him to be part of CAP. The CAP is a partnership between GCC, the Guam Contractor’s Association, the Guam Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor’s Council of Guam, through which residents will have access to free online training via the KeyTrain component of WorkKeys, the Job Assessment and Training program offered through GCC. The program is designed to assist residents in becoming “work ready” by providing them with the tools to master the different skill levels offered on KeyTrain. They have the opportunity to spend six to 10 hours a week working on online skills development, and in turn, they spend two hours a week working on a village beautification project.

Once they complete the KeyTrain program, they then take the test to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate offered through WorkKeys. The NCRC is proof for employers of specific skills that the potential employee has mastered.

Jesse spent about 30 hours on the KeyTrain training component of the assessment, and scored gold* on the actual WorkKeys test. He recently got hired full-time as a tinter/detailer at Island Tinting.

“It was well worth it,” said Taimanglo. “I feel more confident. After scoring gold, I feel I can go after and secure a higher paying job.”  

[L-R:  Marla Reyes and Luchi’a Tedtaotao, CAP completers; Inarajan Mayor Doris Lujan; Chelsa Muna-Brecht, GCC WorkKeys program specialist; James Martinez, GCA president; and Jesse Taimanglo and Vincent Crisostomo, CAP completers, celebrate the four having earned their National Career Readiness Certificates through GCC’s Community Access Points work readiness program on June 6 at the mayor’s office]

“I myself took the WorkKeys test and scored silver,” said Joe Roberto, president of Island Tinting. He says he told his brother, Tom, “You need to look at this kid.”

Tom Roberto, Island Tinting general manager, did and liked what he saw. “Absolutely,” said Tom, when asked if Taimanglo’s NCRC made a difference.

Marla Reyes also scored gold on her WorkKeys assessment, and she attributes it to having secured a higher paying job with benefits as an inventory control clerk at the Navy Exchange.

“It added to my experience,” she said.

The CAP program is sponsored by GCC, the Guam Contractors Association and the Guam Chamber of Commerce. The Inarajan site opened in January of this year, and its five computer stations are sponsored by M80 Systems.

“Inarajan was our pilot CAP program and to see the end result from the first cohort would make anyone proud,” said James Martinez, GCA President. “We want it to grow – we want one in every village.”

A second CAP site is in the works in Sinajana, with the Bank of Guam as its sponsor, according to Chelsa Muna-Brecht, GCC program specialist for WorkKeys. “The mayors are very important to this program, because they know the people in their villages that can benefit the most from it.”

Mayor Doris Lujan definitely thinks the program is worthwhile. “Look at the results,” she said. “Everybody’s coming up to me asking if there are vacancies in my office. I want to steer them to this program so they can get better jobs.”

In addition to Taimanglo and Reyes, Luchi’a Tedtaotao, Vincent Crisostomo, and Thomas San Nicolas, also of Inarajan, earned their NCRCs. Muna-Brecht says businesses needing employees can contact her at 735-5574 or chelsa.munabrecht@guamcc.edu, and she can refer the certificate earners to them for potential employment.