Rodriguez Says Question of Legality Remains Over Governor’s GMH Board Appointments


Guam – The Legislature’s Health Committee Chairman Senator Dennis Rodriguez has written to Governor Eddie Calvo saying that he believes that “the underlying question of the legality of impaneling a Board of Trustees” for GMH  without the concurrence of the Legislature remains.

However, in reaction to the Attorney General’s opinion Tuesday, Senator Rodriguez says  he will immediately be introducing legislation to repeal the sections of P.L. 30-190 which the AG has found to be “inorganic.”

Read Senator Rodriguez’s letter to Governor Calvo

Those sections of the law ruled “inorganic” created a nominating council for the GMH Board, similar to the Board of regents at the University of Guam. Rodriquez and other Senators maintained that the law required the Governor to submit the names of Board members to the nominating council for approval.

However, the AG has ruled otherwise.

In light of that opinion, Senator Rodriguez says he will seek certification of an emergency declaration in order to expedite the passage of  legislation that he will introduce to repeal those sections of P.L. 30-190, so that the Legislature can then consider the Governor’s nominations to the GMH Board “without the complication of conflicting statutory provisions.”

Senator Rodriguez also asks the Governor to “use your full Organic Act authority to operate the hospital in the absence of a legislatively confirmed Board of Trustees. The underlying question of the legality of impaneling a Board of Trustees without the concurrence” of the Legislature “remains and every effort should be made to avoid further chaos at our hospital.”