GCC: Bank of Guam Sponsors Sinajana CAP


Guam – Priscilla Fernandez came from Yona to attend the opening of the second Community Access Point (CAP) in the Sinajana Mayor’s Office this morning. A 37-year-old stay-at-home mom, she sees the free online training program as an opportunity to advance.

“I need to brush up a lot,” said Fernandez, who has her GED. “I want to get ready to get back into the workforce.”

Community Access Points allow residents like Fernandez access to free online training via the KeyTrain component of WorkKeys, the Job Assessment and Training program offered through Guam Community College. Sinajana Mayor Robert Hoffman has 21 residents lined up to participate in the CAP program, which was created by the Guam Contractor’s Association, the Guam Chamber of Commerce, GCC and the Mayor’s Council of Guam. 

The Sinajana CAP is sponsored by the Bank of Guam, which donated the 10 computers for the program. Other partners include GTA, which provided the Internet access, and Dynamic Technologies, which provided the technology infrastructure.

[L-R:, Robert Hoffman, Sinajana Mayor; Peter Onedera, Sinajana Municipal Planning Council member; James Martinez, GCA President; Victor Rodgers, GCC Asst. Dir., CEWD; Chelsa Muna-Brecht, GCC Program Specialist; Jackie Marati, BOG SVP-Marketing Administrator; Michelle Catahay, GTA; Joanita Borja, Sinajana MPC member; ShaiAnna Tedtaotao, Sinajana MPC member, and Rudy Iriarte, Sinajana Vice Mayor, cut the ribbon to officially open the Sinajana Community Access Point at the Mayor’s Office on September 5. In back: Eddie Eclavea, Sinajana MPC member; Ben Pablo, BOG VP-Community Development Officer.]

“This program will assist these residents in becoming “work ready” by providing them with the tools to master the different skill levels offered on KeyTrain,” explained Victor Rodgers, GCC Asst. Director of Continuing Education & Workforce Development. “They have the opportunity to spend six to 10 hours a week working on online skills development, and in turn, they donate two hours of time working at the mayor’s office.

“There is value in bringing a program like this out to the community,” Hoffman said. “It is investments like this that show we can work together – the government and the private sector – to help improve opportunities for our people.” Hoffman says the CAP room at his office will be open from 8:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Once participants complete the KeyTrain program, they can take the $65 test to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate offered through WorkKeys. The NCRC is proof for employers of specific skills that the potential employee has mastered.

[Vice Mayor Rudy Iriarte shows Priscilla Fernandez of Yona how to access the KeyTrain training component of WorkKeys, the Job Assessment and Training program offered through GCC, at the Community Access Point that opened at the Sinajana mayor’s office on Sept. 5.]

“The NCRC takes the guesswork out of the hiring process,” explained James Martinez, GCA president. “This certificate validates that a potential employee has the skills to do what you as the employer need them to be able to do in order to successfully perform at your company.”

“In addition to streamlining the selection process, NCRC provides reassurance that we are hiring those with the aptitude needed to perform their jobs,” said Theresa Obispo, SVP/HR Administrator at Bank of Guam. “We are taking it a step further by using the NCRC designation to create a development program that encourages our current employees to build the skills set needed for the next level of their career,” she noted.  

The first Community Access Point opened at the Inarajan Mayor’s Office in January of this year and was sponsored by M80 Systems, Inc. Three of the five people in program’s initial cohort have already secured better jobs as a result of their participation.

Businesses looking to be a partner for their village CAP can contact James Martinez, GCA President, at 647-4840 or Chelsa Muna-Brecht, GCC Program Specialist, at 735-5574.