GCC culinary class prepares Chinese-inspired cuisine

The culinary class prepare plates for this week's take-out lunch, which consisted of Chinese-inspired cuisine. (PNC photo)

The Guam Community College culinary program resumed its annual takeout event after a week-long break. Chef Paul Kerner and his culinary class came back feeling revitalized after the short break as they kicked off their 4th-week of the takeout event on Thursday.

The culinary class prepared 300 plates for this week’s take-out lunch, which consisted of Chinese-inspired cuisine. Each lunch plate contained vegetable fried rice, pork char siu, ginger chicken, with a side of Chinese-style coleslaw and stir-fried beans. Chinese-style almond cookies were served for dessert to top off the delicious meal.

According to culinary student Justin Dizon, he and his classmates have gained an immense amount of confidence with each passing week of the event. Dizon added that teamwork has proven to be the class’s primary motivator during the 7-week long event.

“What really motivates us is how everyone kind of works together. The first one was pretty hectic, but as soon as everyone started finding out what they were good at and what to do— and just started doing it—it started just flowing like straight,” Dizon said.

On top of the joy that comes from providing delicious food for Guam’s community, The GCC culinary class continues to help those in need by donating 75 plates to the Catholic Social Services after every event. When asked about what it means to be able to help others during the pandemic, culinary student Jeffrey Elizalde stated: “It really feels good, and I’m nervous… you know, mixed emotions— but I’m really happy though!”

Justin Dizon echoed his statement saying, “It feels even better to help those that are in need—Catholic Social Services– just to give them food to get by.”

Each plate is being sold for $10 cash only. For weekly updates, follow @guamcc on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.