GCC gets $475,200 DOI grant to expand campus solar power capacity


Guam Community College received $475,200 in US Department of Interior grant funds to install an additional 100 kW grid-tied solar system at the GCC Campus in Mangilao.

The new 100-kW PV system will add significant solar power capacity to the existing 130kW system already operational at the campus. The additional solar capacity will save the institution an estimated $4,455.00 a month or $53,460.00 a year. With the addition of the new panels, GCC will produce 230-kW per hour which equals 19% of GCC’s power consumption.

“GCC has a strong record of sustainability. We like to say sustainability is embedded in our DNA. Not only do we make it our goal to build a sustainable and responsible learning environment, but we ensure our programs integrate sustainability-related topics, subjects and best practices in their courses and activities,” said Dr. Mary Okada, GCC’s President.

According to GCC, it is at the forefront of sustainable development in the Western Pacific Region. The institution has five Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified buildings. The college is currently in the construction phase for two more LEED buildings with plans for more in the next 5 years.

Additionally, approximately 90% of the campus’s streetlights are solar-powered. GCC also has a robust recycling program in which materials such as aluminum, specified plastic material, mixed paper, shredded paper, metals, cardboard, used ink toners/cartridges, and hazardous and food waste are all sustainably diverted from the local landfill.

According to GCC, future plans for the campus, which are reflected in the latest GCC Physical Master Plan, provide robust evidence of more development in terms of sustainability, energy and water efficiency, infrastructure improvements, and green space development.