Gutierrez-Aguon Talk Buildup At GCC Forum


Guam – The Guam Community College held a gubernatorial forum Wednesday night featuring the Democratic team of former Governor Carl Gutierrez and Senator Frank Aguon Jr.

Former Governor Gutierrez spoke to the crowd of Management Development students promising that if elected governor he would stand before the powers that be to ensure that Guam is not treated the same way it was by the federal government after world war two. “Who you need is someone who understands the issues understands and has the experience and knows how to maneuver, how to go in front of the president of the united states and convincingly tell him the story about Guam,” said Gutierrez.

Senator Frank Aguon Jr. spoke to students about the importance of this election because of the coming Guam military buildup. He also spoke about the strains that this buildup will have on our island if Gov Guam doesn’t prepare for the rapid increase in population.

Aguon said: “Why Gutierrez-Aguon? Because governor Gutierrez knows how to network with the people in Washington D.C. When you look at the president of the United States President Clinton making an effort to come to Guam by virtue of the invitation of the governor of Guam and to give a personal meeting and greeting and speech at a particular ceremony and also to speak to the entire island community of Guam at Adelup at that setting then that tells you something,” said the Senator.

 The management development class is working with the Republican gubernatorial team of senators Eddie Calvo and Ray Tenorio to schedule a second forum later this month.