GCC launches ‘Degree Works’

Dr. Mary Okada, GCC President (PNC file photo)
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After redesigning its website and taking everything to the cloud, Guam Community College is taking more steps to make higher education more accessible.

GCC has launched Degree Works, an online tool that would help students monitor their academic progress and design the plan that works best for them.

Andrew Dela Rosa, a GCC student as well as a member of the college’s app development committee, says that the program makes planning for school a lot easier.

“In the old system, before Degree Works came up, we had to open up at least 3 to 4 different tabs to see what else we needed in the courses. But now we’re dealing with two tabs, seeing which courses are available on Degree Works and cross-referencing it with the catalog online to see which classes are available during which semesters,” Dela Rosa said.

The program is intended to accommodate the busiest student and to hopefully improve the college’s retention rate, which has faced difficulties due to students not being able to meet with their advisor for either professional or personal reasons or accidentally taking a class that was not required for their track.

According to Dr. Mary Okada, GCC President, the program is a testament to GCC’s commitment to improving access to education.

“GCC always focuses on our students. We have a motto that we’ve adopted: ‘Students first. Mission always.’ And so, this again allows students to how far or how close they are to degree completion,” Okada said.

GCC will also be launching its first mobile app, which will enable students to have access to their class schedules and work, in a couple of weeks.