GCC Not Officially Involved in GPD Reservist Training


Chief J.I. Cruz is currently off island.

Guam – 23 police reservists are still being held back per the request of Police Chief J.I. Cruz. Cruz is still unsure if the reservists program is up to code.





 Jayne Flores, Assistant Director of Communications for Guam Community College says that GCC is not involved in any GPD reservists training. This means any training, even if they are from GCC teachers, are not sanctioned by GCC. In a statement yesterday, GPD Chief Cruz admitted that he does not think the program for training police reservists has met the standards and qualifications to send them to the street. The governor’s office gives their reaction to Chief Cruz’s decision.



“The Governor and Lieutenant Governor just want to ensure is that the reservists are getting the training that they need and if this means going back and looking at the program again, that’s something that should happen,” said Oyaol Ngirairikl, Spokesperson for the Governor. “And that’s the prerogative of the incoming, you know to take a look back and sometimes you have to do that. When you have a new program that’s come into play sometimes you gotta tweak it as you go along.”