GCC Now Has 2 LEED Certified Buildings on GCC Campus


Guam –  Of the three civilian LEED-certified buildings that exist on Guam, two of them are situated on the campus of Guam Community College. Both Lt. Gov Ray Tenorio and Peter Calvo, Guam Energy Office director, pointed out that fact today during the unveiling of the LEED silver plaque in the GCC Foundation Building. The U.S. Green Building Council (U.S. GBC) awarded LEED Silver certification to the renovated Foundation Building this month. The $5.8 million structure opened in November 2012. Its LEED features include photovoltaic (PV) panels on the roof, a rainwater catchment system, digital temperature controls, energy efficient lighting and windows, furniture made of recyclable materials, and tiles recycled from the original building. Cedric Cruz, an architect with TRMA, the building’s designer, pointed out that proximity to a day care center, stores and eating establishments are also components of LEED designation.

Thanking TRMA, Orion Construction, GCC employees, the GCC Foundation and Board of Trustees, and local and federal officials for their support, Mary Okada, GCC president, noting that it is what is going on inside the sustainable Foundation Building that is most important. 

[From left: Fred Tupaz, GCC BOT Faculty Advisory Member; Ed Ilao, GCC Foundation Board member; Dr. Mary Okada, GCC president; Lt. Gov. Ray Tenorio; James Martinez, GCC Foundation Board secretary; and Peter Calvo, Guam Energy Office director, celebrate the unveiling of the U.S. Green Building Council LEED Silver plaque in the GCC Foundation Building on April 29. The Foundation Building is the second structure on the GCC campus to be LEED certified.]

“Guam has 18,000 people without high school diplomas. Our mission, and part of the reason we built this building, is to help them become as sustainable as the building in which they are learning,” Okada said, referring to the Adult Education Office and classrooms housed on the building’s second floor.

She noted that since the U.S. GBC awarded LEED Gold certification to the Learning Resource Center in 2011, the council has come out with several upgraded versions of LEED. The Foundation Building bid required basic LEED certification, so Okada said GCC is pleased with the silver designation. Building 200 on campus, currently under renovation, is also slated for LEED certification.

In addition to having a sustainable campus, GCC now offers Renewable Energy and Photovoltaic Installer courses to provide students with the means to develop sustainable careers.