GCC Nursing Student Suffers Injury at Hands of Airport Police During Disaster Drill


Guam – Guam Community College Spokeswoman Jayne Flores says one of their nursing students, who volunteered to participate in Wednesday’s Disaster Drill at the Guam International Airport, suffered a broken nose and a dislocated shoulder following a confrontation with Airport Police during the drill.

On the K-57 Breakfast Show today [Thursday] Flores identified the student as 21 year old Jimmy Lomibao. She told PNC News that GCC is “very unhappy” and would like an explanation.

And later today [Thursday] on K-57’s “Patti on the Radio” program, GCC Spokeswoman Flores said that GCC has decided not to participate in any further disaster drills with GIAA because of the injuries to their student.

Lomibao treated and released from Guam Memorial Hospital Wednesday afternoon.

A GCC nurse who treated Lomibao at the scene provided the following list of his injuries:

Jimmy Lomibao


#1 Dislocated left shoulder

#2 Fractured left clavicle

#3 Fractured to nose

#4 Laceration to nose requiring stitches. 

*Released from GMH within 6 hours

Flores says that during the disaster drill various students were given scenarios to act out. Flores, who acknowledged that she was not present at the exercise, says that based on reports made to her, Lomibao was told to act as if he were an agitated passenger.

Lomibao proceeded to “run around” in an agitated fashion, says Flores, and was reportedly on a grassy area near the runway when a GIAA Police vehicle pulled up to him and a “number of officers jumped out” and wrestled the student to the ground.

GIAA Airport Police Chief Bob Camacho told PNC News that the incident occurred on a flight line and there were active flights coming in. However, on the K-57 Breakfast Show this morning [Thursday] Flores said GCC does not believe that Lomibao was near the flight line saying “We do not believe that to be true.”

Still, as far as exactly what transpired, Chief Camacho said that remains under investigation. “Whether the officer erred, that remains to be seen,” said Chief Camacho. And Camacho says they are taking the incident seriously and 4 Officers have been assigned to investigate it.

On Wednesday, GIAA Executive Manager Mary Torres told PNC News that the disaster drill had to be called off early because hot weather caused some people to suffer from heat exhaustion and fainting.

GCC Spokeswoman Flores says that GCC is “very unhappy that this happened to one of their nursing student volunteers.” She said that the father of Lomibao was “extremely upset” by the incident.

Flores said that GCC would like airport authorities to investigate the incident and provide an explanation of what happened.