GCC Offers GED/High School Diploma Options


Guam – Adults who want to earn a high school diploma have two ways to earn their diploma at Guam Community College, and a third option through GCC’s online education partner, Ed2Go.

If you want to take the free classes at GCC, a free CASAS appraisal test will determine your track. If a client scores 236 or higher on the appraisal test, the client can sit for the GED test without having to take preparatory classes. The GED costs $37 to administer, and includes five subjects: Language Arts/Writing, math, science, social studies, and reading. Each individual subject costs $10 to re-take. Clients who score less than 236 on the appraisal test can take the free GED preparatory classes in English as a Second Language or Basic Skills, and then take the GED test.

Another option is to take free Adult High School classes at the College, which include a matrix of courses such as math, English, social studies, science, and career exploratory classes. In order to graduate from Adult High School, a client must earn 48 credits, or take 16 classes, depending on the transcripts they provide from their previous high school. Some of their previous high school credits may transfer, allowing the client to have to take fewer than 48 credits through AHS. Graduating from Adult High School is an entirely free option – there is no cost associated with test-taking, as there is with the GED.

Passing the GED or graduating from Adult High School allows a client to take part in the GCC graduation ceremony. For more information about the GED/Adult High School program at GCC, please call 735-5584 or 5625.

A third, albeit more costly option, is to earn a high school diploma through GCC’s Continuing Education online partner, Ed2Go. Ed2Go offers a high school diploma/certificate program that prepares students for a career as they earn 18 high school credits and complete their high school diploma. The program is entirely online. Participants will learn the computer skills, fundamental on-the-job skills including communication, professional conduct, time management, and conflict resolution. Students can earn a high school diploma that is accredited, and will be accepted by GCC’s postsecondary program, due to the long-standing relationship between GCC and Ed2Go. In addition, these online graduates will earn a career-credentialed certificate. This program includes 18 high school credit contact hours, and costs $1,095. To learn more, call (671) 735-5574 or go online at http://www.gatlineducation.com/guamcc/

Clients who choose this option will not earn their high school diploma from GCC, and therefore will not be able to participate in the GCC graduation ceremony.