GCC Reaches Record Enrollment Again


Guam – Guam Community College has reached its record enrollment this semester.

Following last weeks add/drop period, GCC’s Fall 2010 enrollment was 2,436 students, an increase of 7.69% from the Fall 2009 enrollment numbers.  This is the second year in a roll enrollment has reached a record high.  Last year’s Fall Semester enrollment of 2,262 students was 18.75% higher than the previous years.

GCC President Dr. Mary Okada credits a low tuition rates for the record enrollment.

“Having been able to maintain our $110 price per credit hour has kept us affordable for many of the people who know they need more skills and training in order to be able to compete for the buildup jobs that are coming to Guam,” said Okada, GCC president. “Many of our classes are full, and we are using some of our ARRA funding to expand our parking lots. It’s a good problem to have.”